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College introduction

Heilan business school is a senior talent training center of Hailan group, one of China's top 500 enterprises. It is committed to promoting the business culture of Jiangsu and cultivating business elites with a sense of historical mission and future business philosophy.

  • Concept of Selecting Talent

    Good understanding, quick response, willingness to endure hardship, and ability to endure.

  • Concept of Cultivating Talent

    Accepting concept before taking a post; participating in training before starting work

  • Service Concept

    Tailoring high-end training courses oriented on practical application for enterprises and institutions

Educational Philosophy

Unlawful antiquity,Do not repair today,The law of antiquity is later than the time,To build the present is to plug it into the world

Keep pace with the times, apply to the world, take the road of combining theory with practice, integrate the essence of traditional Chinese culture with modern commercial civilization, connect modern western enterprise management experience with Oriental humanistic spirit, cultivate middle and high-level departments with strategic thinking and practical management experience for enterprises, and provide high-quality training resources for local governments.

College History

Education is the foundation of a hundred years plan, economic development, education first, strong enterprises and people-oriented .

  • 1999.6.23

    Sanmao Group (predecessor of Hailan Group) and Nanjing University jointly established "Sanmao College of Nanjing University"

  • 2000.3.6

    Hailan Group, Shanghai Tongji University and Fudan University jointly hold "MBA Training Class"

  • 2010.7.4

    Hailan Group's "Phoenix MBA Training Class" begins

  • 2012.12.5

    "Hailan Phoenix Business School" was established and held the first "Phoenix Forum"

  • 2014.1.6

    “Hailan Phoenix Business School” officially changed its name to “Hailan Business School” and was awarded as a provincial model enterprise