Talents from Various Directions for
Joint Growth and Common Development

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Talent Concept

Talents are the first capital and the source of enterprise development. Heilan Group is an open, inclusive and dynamic company. In Heilan, you can develop a new territory of China's fashion industry together with excellent talents, by striving to create the best fashion industry group in the world and make China's fashion industry up to the world's one.

  • Talent View

    The most suitable candidates are the best ones. Heilan Group pursues fitting jobs and chooses talents by insisting on the guiding ideology of "open, fair, justice, preferential, and suitable". And by precisely identifying and employing talents, Heilan well practices its philosophy of the most suitable talent is the best one.

  • Talent Cultivating View

    In combination with its strategic development needs, Heilan Group has set up a set of training system combining internal cultivation and external training, to implement planned system training for employees, advocate lifelong learning, and improve future market competitiveness through the cultivation of innovative professional talents.

  • Talent Arranging View

    Heilan Group adheres to a flexible and reasonable competition mechanism while absorbing all kinds of talents. It embraces all sorts of talents from all other walks of life, and builds a platform to fully display themselves and an arena to develop themselves for talents, so as to employ talents only based on merits.

  • Talent Retaining View

    Heilan Group advocates that the capable person enjoys his post, the merit person enjoys his benefit, and the contributing person enjoys his share. It has established a results-oriented distribution system and value evaluation system, to retain talents with a good salary system, stimulate the maximum value of employees.

Talent Mechanism

In the talent development system, Heilan Group helps talents integrate into their teams quickly according to the requirements of different post ranks and individual specialties, appoints employees on their merits, focuses on actual achievements, and builds an open, equal, competitive and merit-based talent selection mechanism.

  • Respecting Value

    By improving the quality of enterprise talents and building a talent structure with both ability and political integrity, we aim to promote the development of the enterprise while realizing our self-value.

  • Stimulating Potential

    It fully taps and stimulates the unlimited potential of talents, cherishes the dream and pursuit of every employee, carries out all-round multi-level training, and arranges a talent in the most appropriate position.

  • Enhancing Identification

    Through cultural training, values shaping, incentive mechanism, training system and other methods, Heilan Group establishes mutual trust and dependence between the enterprise and employees.

Talent Training

Through the continuous optimization and improvement of the human resources management system, Heilan Group implements scientific and rational management and training of talents, so as to improve the learning ability and vision of employees.

Completing career planning

Through widely absorbing talents, Heilan Group strengthens its talent echelon, implements scientific and rational planning and guidance for talents, establishes and improves the talent reserving and selection mechanism, provides talents with their suitable career development channel and career planning, combines the performance appraisal and principle of selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, retains excellent talents.

Improving training mechanism

According to the nature of different positions, Heilan Group has established multi-level effective training system, covering group training, department training, and so on, and carried out on-the-job practical training and offline face-to-face teaching classes. At the same time, it cooperates with external colleges and universities and other institutions to improve the comprehensive ability, professional level and professional quality of employees.