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Heilan Cultural Tourism

As an important strategic measure for corporate transformation, Heilan Group entered the field of high-end cultural tourism with the unique horse culture as the core and gradually increased the proportion of service business in the Group's economy. In terms of characteristic cultural tourism industry, Heilan Group has built Heilan International Equestrian Club, 5-star Taoyuan Villa Hotel, Heilan Hotel, 7-star Horse Island Hotel, Heilan Pegasus Aqua City, Heilan International Horse Cultural Museum and other main projects and supporting leisure catering facilities.

Heilan Pegasus Aqua City

Located at Xinqiao Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Heilan Pegasus Aqua City covers an area of 1,000 mu. Elaborately built by Heilan Group for ten years, it is a tourist complex of horse culture integrating equestrian training, equestrian performance, equestrian events, horse culture exhibition and leisure vacation. Since its grand opening on June 28, 2018, it has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of tourists and become the best tourist destination in the Yangtze River Delta region and the most distinctive theme tourist attraction of horse culture in China. It is rapidly moving towards a world-class theme tourist center of horse culture.

Modeled on Venice, a world's famous water city, Heilan Pegasus Aqua City is equipped with European-style palace buildings everywhere in the park, and also Chinese elements which were integrated in them. The whole city not only seems elegant and graceful, but also boasts traditional oriental charm. It turns into a magical castle with flowing light and excessive colors at night. With gondola, known as Ferrari on water shuttling, it makes people feel as if they are in the world of European romantic fairy tales.

After ten years' development, Heilan Pegasus Aqua City is committed to providing tourists with one-stop leisure and vacation experience integrating catering, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

Experience project

The main experience items include:Dressage Equestrian Show、Horse Cultural Museum、Heilan Art Museum、Cruise Tour at Night、Equestrian Riding、Sightseeing in Gondola、Sightseeing in Gondola、Shopping Center of Heilan Pegasus Aqua City

Shopping Center of Heilan Pegasus Aqua City

The Shopping Center of Heilan Pegasus Aqua City consists of Joy Square, Water City Hotel and Sightseeing Tower which is 70m high, with a total construction area of 118,000 square meters and a commercial area of 45,000 square meters. Its design inspiration came from the Venetian Hotel in Macao and Las Vegas. There is Water Corridor Pedestrian Street and Amorous Water Street on the first and second floors in the Shopping Center, respectively, integrating catering, commercial business and film entertainment, to let people enjoy a romantic European amorous feelings and a unique one-stop experience of eating, living, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.

Sightseeing at Carriage

Carriage is a special means of transportation used by the aristocracy of western countries. Those carriages not only inherit the production techniques of classical ones but also integrate the modern elements of the new century. Riding a carriage in the Heilan Pegasus Aqua City, visitors can experience the elegant exquisite life of western noble people with comfortable carriage and handsome world famous horses.

Sightseeing in Gondola

Sightseeing in Gondola

Equestrian Riding

With an area of 12,000 square meters, the Riding Experience Hall can meet the training and competition requirements of various equestrian events. Here, people can not only learn about the daily training of professional riders, but also experience the extraordinary riding service and get really close to the horses, from British Shetland pony, known as "noble pet" to Spanish Andalusian horse, praised as "equestrian ballet", from Netherlands Frisian horse, titled "talented dancer" to German Hanover horse, famous for "invincibility "...Each variety of horses has its unique attributes.

Cruise Tour at Night

The cruise takes visitors through the water lanes, with clear moonlight above, sparkling water nearby, and serenade around...Leisurely and complacently, they enjoy the different customs of the Water City at night. It is extremely intoxicating!

Heilan Art Museum

With a total building area of 120,000 square meters, Heilan Art Museum is the largest single building in Heilan Pegasus Aqua City and the largest corporate art museum in China. It was mainly equipped with a golden hall and multi-function halls. The most impressive permanent collection is the "10,000-li Landscape of the Yangtze River" in the museum, which was first exhibited in the National Museum in April 2018. The whole painting scroll is 200 meters long and 1.5 meters high. With extremely high artistic value, it was praised as the "Art Monument" glorifying the Chinese rivers and mountains.

Horse Cultural Museum

Few people can see these rare horse varieties from all over the world in a so close manner today. It is called the encyclopedia of world horse culture. In Heilan Pegasus Aqua City, the highlight must be to Horse Cultural Museum where visitors can feel the long history of the world horse culture. The Horse Cultural Museum covers a building area of 30,960 square meters, and has collected 47 rare horse varieties from more than 30 countries and regions in its Famous Horse Hall, who are beautiful in figure, strong in build, noble and spiritual. Here, you can deeply appreciate the essence of the long horse culture.

Dressage Equestrian Show

Heilan International Equestrian Show Hall is the most prestigious for its impressive equestrian performance and the world's largest dressage show in China. With an area of more than 9,000 square meters, the show hall adopts the royal palace design style of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As the largest indoor equestrian show hall in China, it can accommodate 666 audiences to see dressage show. Famous horses and riders from all over the world, deduce the passionate collision between man and horse, and power and beauty, and let people travel to the Middle Ages in a second in the magnificent audio-visual feast, becoming a European noble and instantly experiencing the worthy sense of this trip.