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High-End Commercial Complexes

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Heilan Property

Based on the advantages of regional market resources, Heilan Property realizes the effective integration of commercial chain brands and commercial resources. Adhering to the goals of planning with high starting points, construction of high standard and highly efficient management, Heilan Property constructs urban complexes and high-grade office buildings integrating comprehensive commercial plazas and creates new regional urban landmarks targeting at regional landmark high-end commercial complexes.

Mambat Plaza

Heilan Group invested RMB 4 billion Yuan in the construction of Mambat Plaza, the first urban complex in Zhangjiagang and the first commercial flagship project of Heilan Group. It was officially opened in November 2014, with a total construction area of about 260,000 ㎡. Covering fashion boutique, international fast consumption, Chinese and western catering, leisure and entertainment, and other retail formats, Mambat Plaza brought one-stop consumption and experiential shopping to customers in Zhangjiagang and has become the largest commercial complex and new landscape landmark in Zhangjiagang region.Mambat Plaza advocates slowing down the pace, relaxing the mood, and easing the rhythm of life in the fast city life, so as to enjoy the graceful and colorful "slow life" in the variation of fast and slow paces.

Heilan Fortune Center

Invested and built by Heilan Group, Heilan Fortune Center is the 258m-high chief landmark office building in Jiangyin. The project is located in the CBD near Jiangyin Urban Hall, surrounded by various supporting facilities and complete transportation infrastructure. There is Yangtze River on its north, and people overlook the panorama of Jiangyin Country, the first economically strong county on the other three sides.

  1. 22 万㎡

    total construction

  2. 258 m


  3. 55 Floor


  4. 4 Floor

    Commercial podium

As a super 5A pure office building with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters, Heilan Fortune Center is composed of a 55-storey tower and a 4-storey commercial podium building. Its top is equipped with a helipad, which is unique in Jiangyin. Its top floor is an executive administration center, equipped with a high-end conference hall, a coffee bar, a cigar bar, a red bar, and so on, which is exclusive for top leaders. It has become the first choice of many high-end enterprises to settle down in Heilan Fortune Center.