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Heilan New Energy

As a new important economic growth pole for the industrial development of Heilan Group, Heilan New Energy is guided by the national new energy industry policies to create technology-driven and future-oriented intelligent green new energies and provide customers with more valuable all-round smart energy solutions.

Consisting of Jiangsu Heilan New Energy Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Heilan Electric Power Co., Ltd., Heilan New Energy has is engaged in creating its advantage of "Internet + industry" into a new economic growth engine and exploring the innovation and development route of the new energy industry under the new trends of science and technology, where the "intelligent connection of all things" has become a big trend of the times, the Internet has realized the depth fusion in the social and economic applications in various fields, and cloud service has become a new industrial pattern.

Jiangsu Heilan New Energy Co., Ltd.

Oriented on renewable energy, the company aims to build a four-in-one full-chain comprehensive solution of the investment, construction, installation and operation of new energy for off-grid and grid-connected solar power generation systems and photovoltaic power stations in commercial, household and industrial sectors. At present, it has successfully built a number of distributed photovoltaic power stations, and carried out exchanges and cooperation with several domestic scientific research institutions, so as to constantly improve its professional service ability in design, planning, installation, maintenance, commissioning, engineering construction, operation and management.

Jiangsu Heilan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

With the goal of becoming the most powerful and influential provider of integrated energy service in China, Heilan Electric Power has built the largest Internet platform of selling power in Jiangsu Province, ranking first in electricity sales in Jiangsu Province in 2018.

Committed to becoming a leading operation service provider of integrating the Internet and smart energy, Heilan Electric Power aims to provide customers with comprehensive, intelligent and efficient energy management services, and realize comprehensive energy solutions integrating big data management of customer's power consumption, power engineering, photovoltaic power, energy storage and energy efficiency management. In order to adapt to the development of the national new energy industry, Heilan Electric Power actively cooperates with leading domestic new energy equipment enterprises to develop and apply the energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies of new energy, and provide systematic solutions for enterprises to reduce costs and expenditure and improve benefits.