Thinking of society & environment

We are committed to improving our management of the environment in the process of achieving the ambitious goals of the enterprise's development.

Commitment to Creating a Green Future

The future world is beautiful and full of hope. As one of China's top 500 enterprises and a leading brand in the garment industry, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and shaping an excellent corporate image. Improving the environment and creating a better future is our common wish. Heilan Group always takes the corporate development and green sustainable development as its important business norms by including these into its entire product chain system while creating social value wealth, so as to reduce the environmental impact of products and processes through continuous innovation and system optimization management, and thus realize the harmonious advancement and prosperity of the enterprise and environment.

Achieving Sustainable Development

Heilan people root green sustainable development in the corporate development core, concern about and strive for the harmonious development of stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, and the society, and undertake the enterprise responsibilities of realizing the harmonious development of enterprise and employees, and the society and the nature as well. Meanwhile, Heilan people attach importance to mutual benefit and common growth of our partners, establishing a fair, transparent and equal partnership, and constantly enhancing and promoting customer trust and corporate reputation, so as to achieve the sustainable operation and long-term development of the enterprise.