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Social and Environmental Considerations

We are committed to improving our management of the environment in the process of achieving the ambitious goals of the enterprise's development.

Commitment to creating a green future

The future world is beautiful and full of hope. As a top 500 Chinese company and a leading brand in the clothing industry, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, shaping an excellent corporate image, improving the environment, and creating a better future are our common aspirations. After more than 30 years of development, Hailan Group aims to "create a century-old brand and be a century-old enterprise"


Public benefit & benevolence

Over the years, Heilan Group has taken giving back to and serving the public as its own responsibility, by fulfilling the obligations of an outstanding corporate citizen,
adhering to and actively engaging in social public welfare undertakings, and making outstanding contributions in supporting disaster relief, poverty alleviation, cultural, educational and
other public welfare undertakings,and become an outstanding representative of China's private enterprises who contribute love and give back to the society.

Loving Care

Take the responsibility of giving back and serving the public, practice the corporate social responsibility and fulfill the obligations of excellent corporate citizens