Love & care

Over the years, Hailan guard love volunteer service team has been adhering to the glorious tradition of "caring for the elderly, giving love" .

Hailan Guards Volunteer Volunteer Service Sympathizes with Xinqiao Old People's Home on the Eve of the Spring Festival


On major holidays, the Volunteer Volunteer Service Team will organize Hailan Guards to visit and care for the elderly, and raise funds to send daily necessities to the elderly. At the same time, the Volunteer Service Team often organizes team members to clean the home for the elderly, renovate the vegetable garden, etc., and has always been loved and praised by the elderly and the local people.

Mayor Cai Yeming of Jiangyin City condolences to Hailan Guards volunteer volunteer service team


On January 19, when the Spring Festival was approaching, Cai Yeming, Mayor of Jiangyin City, came to Hailan Group and expressed his condolences to the Hailan Guards Volunteer Volunteer Service Team, who was awarded the "Good People in China" in December 2018, and extended his sincere wishes New Year wishes.

Hailan Guards Volunteer Service Team Launches Chongyang Festival Respect for the Elderly


On October 17, the Hailan Guards Volunteer Service Team organized a “Respect for the Elderly, Respect for the Elderly, Love the Elderly and Help the Elderly” Chongyang Festival sympathy event, leading the elderly in Xinqiao Town Retirement Home to visit Hailan Pegasus Water City and experience the development and change of their hometown. Entering Pegasus Water City, European-style architecture, exotic sculptures, cast waves of exciting reflections in the water.