President's Message

Food, clothing, shelter and transportation are the foundation of people.

Garment is of great importance. As a latecomer, Heilan has worked hard for people's garment and won win self-esteem and reputation in the industry.

China is embracing the world. With the deepening of Chinese international cooperation, people have had higher aesthetic pursuit. As an important part of Chinese culture, Chinese fashion culture is being widely spread all over the world along with the process of global integration.

It is the best moment for development today!

Adhering to the values of "constantly denying ourselves and always striving for excellence", Heilan people have been trying to expand our industrial group taking garment as the main business and build the international first-class enterprise culture.

Heilan people know well that only what is nationally characteristic is popular in the world.

With the mission of "creating the beauty of life", Heilan will continue to shoulder the responsibility of leading the fashion trend in the world, follow the pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and go to the world to realize Heilan's dream of "providing garment for people in the world".