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Enterprise Mission

Creating the beauty of life

Heilan Group is committed to becoming the world's most outstanding clothing enterprise and leading China's fashion industry to compete with the international level, and targets at implementing China Creativity, Made in China, and Great Beautiful China, so as to achieve its beautiful pursuit and dream of "creating magnificent cause in a broad range", which shows Heilan Group's enterprise spirit of Bravely Advancing Forward and Remembering Original Intention and also confidence and obsession of constantly denying themselves, always pursuing excellence, and continuously striving for dreams, which have been insisted by Heilan people for more than 30 years.

Enterprise Vision

Creating leading brands for an industrial power! Committed to becoming the world's best garment enterprise, building a trustworthy and respected international investment holding group, and creating world-class corporate culture. Leading the beauty of fashion life with excellence and innovation

Core Values

Constantly denying oneself, and always pursuing excellence

  • Realism

    Keeping realistic is an attitude and also a responsibility. Heilan people have courage to take responsibility. They don't fear of personal gains and losses, but dare to try, constantly improve in trials and errors, summarize experience,
    and always take the development and collective interests of the enterprise as the priority.

  • Innovation

    Heilan people have an international vision, and passion and ability to embrace changes at any time. They can take the initiative to meet and deal with all kinds of challenges in their work, and explore new methods and new ideas with forward-looking consciousness, so as to achieve an evergreen enterprise.

  • Enterprising spirit

    Heilan people always insist on the pioneering spirit of keeping pace with the times and forging ahead with determination, in order to build a learning organization. They are not afraid of competition or challenges, but constantly stimulate the creativity of all staff, and achieve common development and win-win situations of the enterprise and employees.

  • Excellence

    Heilan people adhere to the high standards of professional pursuit and target at striving for becoming a world-class enterprise. They always insist on the spirits of concentration, persistence and craftsmanship to pursue excellence in work and draw a blueprint for a better career, so as to achieve the Group's high-quality sustainable development.